It’s difficult to imagine a sport or recreational activity that isn’t possible here. In fact, the option of a year-round active lifestyle is what makes people from all over the world choose Vancouver as their home.

When developing our tours and leisure programs, we strive to provide a maximum of impressions and new experiences for our clients.
Many types of adventure are season-dependent, but activities such as scuba-diving, golf and hiking are available year-round.

Winter Wonderland.

Despite the mild climate, the seasons are superbly distinct in Vancouver. And even if you won’t feel a frosty bite in the air nor encounter fresh snow within the city, then the peaks surrounding it will undoubtedly glitter with fresh snowcaps. And if you choose to drive about 150k north or east of the city, you will find yourself in a true winter wonderland.

Our winter programs include:

  • Vacationing on ski resorts (skiing, snowboarding, heli-skiing)
  • Ski-tour trips
  • Snowmobile tours
  • Dog-sleigh trips

Water-related activities.

If you look at a map of Canada’s western shoreline, you can easily imagine how many opportunities there are for fun on the water there are here. Here is ocean, here are lakes and rivers, and here are oceanic fjords extending hundreds of kilometers inland, which provide plentiful salt and freshwater fishing.
For diving lovers and enthusiasts, the BC coast is considered “the most fascinating and diverse in flora and fauna out of non-tropical waters”. That is how Jacque Cousteau assessed the richness of marine life at these shores. Meanwhile, surfers deeply appreciate the pacific surf of Vancouver Island’s west coast, which is always accessible. More and more often, world-class competitions of this sport are being held here.

Our offer for water sport and lesure include:

  • Diving
  • Fishing (ocean, river, lake)
  • Surfing
  • Trips and tours on ocean kayaks
  • White water rafting
  • Ocean-yacht voyages on the harbour and along the coast, among thousands of pristine islands


What drives people to repeatedly scale new peaks? Everyone has their own answer to that question but everyone agrees on one thing: part of the reason is always the chance to behold inimitable mountain vistas. Every level of mountaineering, from single day foot hikes, to highly technical rock cliffs and waterfalls, to high altitude mountaineering expeditions, is available for your enjoyment.

Apart from traditional ascenders, mountains have recently become increasingly attractive to enthusiasts of mountain biking, a relatively new sport that is rapidly gaining popularity. Squamish – a town midway between Vancouver and Whistler, the 2010 Olympic capital – is justly considered the world capital of mountain biking. In summer, Whistler also presents its slopes to fans of this sport.

Our mountain related offers include:

  • Mild walks, mountain hikes and mountaineering expeditions
  • Rock-climbing
  • Mountain biking
  • Paragliding flights
  • ATV tours

Earth and Air.

One look at the vast evergreen forests of the province will convince you of the abundance of wildlife there. Moose, deer, bears…But the most difficult and prestigious hunting is that of mountain goat.
Hunters and photographers sometimes spend weeks to get to the place where this coveted prey lives, and consider returning with a trophy an enormous success.
Another favorite “earthy” pastime is golf. Situated in hugely picturesque locations, golf clubs are attracting more and more vacationers.

Not to mention how beautiful these landscapes are from a bird’s-eye view! Rising into the air in a trike, you observe breathtaking panoramas. Your breath will catch in your throat even before you rise above the hills, from the sheer exhilaration of feeling your wings unfurl above you. And if you decide to make the flight journey across the mountains, you will experience alpine valleys and peaks in an unsurpassed way; this once-in-a-lifetime venture provides truly unique photographic opportunities for both enthusiasts and professionals.

Our earth and air offer include:

  • Hunting
  • Golfing tours
  • Scenic flights and voyages