Fort Langley and Wineries

Wine lovers’ tour, Fort Langley and Hot Springs

Option 1 (6 hours)
It comes as a surprise to many that in the rural regions surrounding Vancouver, there are numerous local vineyards and wineries. They are situated in the picturesque Fraser Valley, which is whewre our route takes place.
In the course of our journey we will pass agricultural regions and observe many farms, which will give us an impression of local farming life. We will make stops in 4-5 wineries, and pay our dues to the local products. A picnic can be held at the group’s desire. To those fascinated by the art of winemaking, the hospitable wine-masters lead tours through their cellars and share secrets of the trade. We sample different types of white and red wines, as well a wines produces from Canadian northern berries. The tour is completed by a visit to the historic Fort Langley.

Option 2 (10 hours)
Our voyage takes us to the hot springs on Harrison Lake. On our way we complete the sampling program and proceed onward. Upon arriving at Harrison we have a choice
• Thermal waters pool
• Boat trip across the lake
• Fishing
• A walk on the beach where sand sculptures are exhibited.
Depending on group interest, we stop in Minter Gardens on our way back.