Rocky Mountains

This voyage into the Rocky Mountain region never left a person indifferent. The national parks of this region are a unique model of conservation of pristine nature. Millions of tourists all over the world come to pay their respects to the might and beauty of the Rocky Mountains. A common sign is a string of cars, lined up to allow some wild animal to cross the road. Much less common if for a group of tourists to not see a black bear, moose, wolf of bighorn sheep during the trip.

Our tour’s program includes:

  • The resort town of Jasper and Banff
  • The beautiful lake Louis
  • A trip to the glacier
  • The Athabasca Waterfall
  • Ferry tours on lake Melling
  • One-day tour of Calgary
  • Light mountain hiking
  • Rafting on alpine rivers
  • Relaxation at hot springs

For landscape photography enthusiasts, there are exclusive opportunities to create photographic wonders.