Meet Vancouver

Have you ever dreamed of going to the edge of the Earth? Or, entranced by the sagas of Jack London, hot the trails of the Gold rush? Perhaps you wanted to take part in the ritual dances of the native people? Or simply witness grizzly bear fishing for salmon? If that applies to you, then British Columbia, Canada’s westernmost province, awaits you!

Vancouver is the largest city in the province with its western edge breaks on the Pacific Ocean and on the north climbs on the sheer, impassable slopes of the Coast Mountains. The combination of mountains, ocean, indescribably beautiful cloud formations and stunning architecture make any visit to Vancouver unforgettable. Simultaneously, this unique combination presents unique landscape photography opportunities for enthusiasts. Vancouver is probably the only place on Earth where you can hit the ski slopes in the morning, and take an underwater dive after lunch. Vancouver is one of the West coast’s largest port cities, and cruise ships to Alaska frequently dock there.

Vancouver has held a firm place, in the last ten years, as one of the top three living quality cities in the world. It is also widely recognized as the number one location in the world for business tourism- for holding conferences, seminars, expos and trade shows, business leader meetings, incentive trips and corporate events. The upcoming 2010 Winter Olympics gave a fresh boost to development in this area. Delegations from all over the world come to Vancouver to experience about preparation for the Games.

On the city boundaries alone there are three ski complexes, with slope levels ranging from “Green” to “Double Black Diamond”. In a 1.5 hour’s drive from the city, the mountain resort of Whistler lies – boasting the continent’s best slopes.

The Juan De Fuca Straight is remarkable in its year-round calm waters, and world-famous for ocean fishing and yachting. This area is also well-known among enthusiast of whale, seal and orca observation in their natural habitat.

No matter how long you stay in Vancouver, you will never forget this city!